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We will be in Fort Worth, NCHA Futurity trade show from 11/13 to 12/9. It's open everyday from 9:30am to 6:30pm.

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A little about my business and myself; I have been making tumblers, t-shirts, and other handcrafted items for several years, we wanted to expand my business by adding a mobile boutique and doing bigger events.  I run a small family-owned business and I am the only one who works on it full time (besides my husbands does help me on his time off and always supports me). Now, that we expanded to the mobile boutique I needed to add additional items because there is no way I can keep it stocked if I make everything myself. I thought long and hard about what items I wanted to add to my store and decided on leather goods. All leather items that I am now selling are genuine sustainable leather that is ethically sourced.  Earlier this year I took a trip to find Artisans for the goods I wanted to incorporate, and in my quest, I found some great small Family & Woman owned businesses that I have partnered up with and will be importing quality items. Mexico, my parent’s homeland is where this voyage took us and we have loved every minute of the journey, got to tour the factories and learn a little bit of the processes. We are working with Artisans who have worked their craft for generations however they are open to my ideas and that is what I love the most; I get to work closely with them on designs, colors, and
styles I want for my collections.

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From the people
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From the people
Beautiful products, just perfect!
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I suck at it! Just an FYI...But, I'm trying to --figure this out to make the site easier to navigate. I know the previous way it was set up was not user friendly; shoot, I didn't even know where to find the stuff. Haha. This theme that I am currently trying out seems to be sleeker looking and easier; hopefully it works well. As of now, I'm just trying to write a few blogs to complete the sections. So, if my next couple blogs are not interesting; y'all know why! Or it might also be that I am just not a very good writer!

P.S. My husband just took this pic and sent it to's perfect and real time. 9-5-2022


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